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Suzanne James

“The menu was totally left to Steven with the only requests being that he use seasonal and sustainable ingredients. To Vegan or not to Vegan was up to him and he did us all proud and apart from me, no one knew what was being served until the night – a bit like a pop-up supper club – we just sat down and enjoyed amazing food and fine wine. […]

I had an incredible evening and can’t thank Steven and Emma enough for their hard work, and my chef friends who all managed to get a well earned night off work and were able to be spoilt for once!”

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Steve Riches

“I have been to one of Steven’s pop- up events where we had a tasting menu comprised of his signature dishes. The atmosphere was vibrant and fun, with of course the food being outstanding. Some of Steve’s flavours are simple, yet so tasty as you would never think to cook them in the ways that he does.

I have also had a private dinner for an important set of clients from both Steve & Emma and yet again, they did not fail to deliver. The dinner was perfect with us not being able to fault the night at all. Steve came out to do a Q&A with the guests about his culinary experience and time on master chef the professionals which was another highlight of the evening.

I would highly recommend to book them for a special occasion or even try attending one of their pop- up events!”

Emily Curtin

“Steve and Emma hosted a very special dinner party for me and my family at Christmas time. It was clear that a huge amount of thought went in to creating a menu and evening that was just right for us. On the night, the quality of Steve’s food far exceeded any of our expectations, and it was perfectly matched with both his and Emma’s infectious personalities. I could not recommend them enough for a special occasion dinner… what a memorable evening.”

Andrew Porter

I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for amazing job that Steve and Emma did in delivering our dinner for us.  The food and the service were absolutely first class and we all enjoyed a fantastic  evening of fine dining (and fine wines…) with none of us wanting the night to end!
Being the professionals that they are Steve and Emma made it all seem so effortless, but I’m well aware of how much hard work, preparation and, of course, talent went into making the evening the success that it was – not to mention the fact that they had to contend with the blistering heat of the hottest day of the year!

It truly was a spectacular evening!

Susan Goodwin

My daughter organised an evening with Steve Lickley as a surprise 30th birthday celebration for her brother, last Friday. The evening was hosted in my home and any apprehension I had of visiting chefs using my kitchen, were immediately dispelled as soon as I met Steve and Emma! I quickly and happily handed over the reins to them. Emma polished the glasses, set the table and took charge of serving drinks and dinner, washing up and keeping the kitchen in good order at all times. Steve’s menu was beautifully executed and delicious throughout. As he introduced each course and we were able to talk with him, it was interesting to hear of some of the complexities and lengthy time processes that were involved in producing the delicate as well as robustly flavourful aspects of each dish. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening that seemed to be delivered seamlessly and with a good measure of fun and friendliness. To finish off, I was delighted to walk into an immaculately clean kitchen at the end of the evening, with not a thing out of place. Thank you Steve and Emma!

Richard Haines

Steve cooked the most magnificent lunch for 16 of us at home for a family celebration. Steve and Emma create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere while cooking technical, impressive and delicious food. They come with my highest recommendation.   Richard Haines – Director –  Clarksons Platou