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My name is Steven Lickley and I am a professional chef. Born in Manchester, I spent my early career working in restaurants, pubs & hotels where I learnt a number of key skills enabling me to launch myself in London in 2012 working in a Michelin environments. After arriving in London, I moved on to a slightly different area of the industry and joined a contract catering company. This was a challenging move but I motivated myself to regularly create new and exciting dishes and learn as many fine dining skills as possible. I also started doing private dinners for customers outside of my working days which has been the platform to be able to start Primavera Private Dining with my wife Emma, who is also an experienced front of house manager from working in bars, restaurants, hotels & corporate catering over the years. The combination of both of our knowledge is what makes this business work perfectly.

In December 2017, I was honoured to have made the finals of Master Chef: The Professionals, after taking on 45 other professional chefs. I went through eight weeks of fierce competition and was lucky enough to cook in some amazing restaurants from The 2* star Raby Hunt in Darlington to Mirazur, which is the 3rd best restaurant in the world and based in the south of France.

Since finishing Master Chef, I have been fortunate to create a platform for myself and have been able to be involved in some amazing things from Charity events, pop- ups & judging industry competitions.

In my earlier days I was inspired by Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay however now, I find inspiration from chefs such as Dan Barber, Magnis Nealson, Tommy Banks, Massimo Battori and Nathan Outlaw who have some really fresh, modern ideas in cookery. This has enabled me to find my flare with modern European cooking styles.

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