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How our private dining provide an intimate culinary experience for your home.

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The Ultimate Private Dining experience.

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Primavera Private Dining is the partnership between Steven and Emma to bring innovative, modern-inspired cookery into the intimate setting of your home and popup events, where you can watch the chef at work. Steven was a finalist in the 2017 Master Chef: The Professionals and has since then used Primavera as a platform to share his passion for cooking with others.

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Who we are / What we do.

  • Husband & Wife duo
  • We both have been in the industry for over 10 years
  • Steven – MasterChef the Professionals finalist
  • Emma – Acorn award winner
  • Emma¬† – ACE Robyn award Finalist
  • Combined we have both back and front-of-house expertise
  • We provide both restaurant pop-ups and private dining functions
Emma & Steve Primavera